SAFEPEDRUG was very active at the latest ESDPPP meeting in Belgrade, Serbia

The biannual meeting of the ESDPPP (European Society of Developmental Perinatal and Pediatric Pharmacology) was held in Belgrade, Serbia from June 23rd-26th 2015. This event provided a perfect platform to share data and results of the ongoing research of our consortium with experts on pediatric pharmacology from all over the world. Presentations (n=11) covered both oral (o) as well as poster (p) presentations. The list is hereunder provided chronologically.

  • SAFE-PEDRUG: a new strategy for paediatric drug research. P De Bruyne (p)
  • Prospective validation of a model-based dosing regimen for amikacin in neonates: feasible and relevant. A Smits (p)
  • The role of the pediatric pharmacologist in the rational use of medicines in neonatal medicine. K Allegaert (o)
  • Unintentional overdosing of intravenous paracetamol in neonates: where is the toxicity ? K Allegaert (p)
  • How safe is on-label drug use in paediatrics: the case of first generation H1-antihistamines ? P De Bruyne (p)
  • Use of fluoroquinolones in hospitalized children, preliminary report of a chart review in a Belgian university children’s hospital. K Meesters (p)
  • Dose-finding study and pharmacodynamics assessment of propofol for (semi)-elective intubation in neonates. A Smits (o)
  • To what extent does the vancomycin assay contributes to the variability in vancomycin concentration estimates in neonates. J Samardzic (o)
  • Augmented renal clearance implies a need for increased amoxicillin-clavulanate dosing in critically ill children. P de Cock (o)
  • Possible confounders in the reported association between autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and exposure to selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs). P De Bruyne (o)
  • Novel treatment modalities in neonates. The value of serendipity. K Allegaert (o)

The related abstracts can be found here. More information can be retrieved through the e-mail link ( The next ESDPPP conference will be held in Belgium (2017), and will provide another opportunity for valorization and information diffusion, including to Belgian colleagues.